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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term which means permissible. Anything a Muslim is allowed to conduct or consume is known as Halal. Halal food requires a specific process to be carried out and must be free from Haram (not permissible) ingredients. This process is conducted following specific guidelines to ensure the product is healthy and safe for consumption.

You may wonder why a Halal company like halal choice carries foods like Halal Cheese Pizza and Halal Crispy Rice; such products produced by non-Halal companies often contain gelatin or rennet. Both gelatin and rennet are haram ingredients. All meat and non-meat halal choice products are made with 100% halal ingredients.

What Are Basic Requirements For Halal?

In order for the slaughtering process to be Halal, a Muslim slaughterer verbally says the Tasmiyah prior to slaughtering the animal. The Tasmiyah is a blessing consisting of the words بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Bismillah; Allahu Akbar) or in English, In the name of Allah; Allah is the greatest. Then, the blood must be drained to eliminate the consumption of bloodborne germs and diseases.

All animals are in good health prior to halal choice slaughtering process. The Tasmiyah is said verbally by a highly trained Muslim blesser at the time of the slaughter. After the slaughter, the blood is drained. To ensure correct practices, halal choice is regularly audited by IFANCA. All of our sources are federally Inspected and HACCP registered. Halal meat is tracked from start to finish to ensure quality assurance and to avoid any contamination. At the end of the process, our quality products are Halal, safe, and ready for your table!

Is Halal Choice Muslim Owned ?

Yes. Halal Muslims, we understand the struggle of finding a variety of Halal foods while managing a busy lifestyle, that’s why we are committed to providing you with top quality Halal foods made with authentic recipes.

What Food Does Halal Choice Offer?

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our product offerings. You can now find Halal Choice products in the following categories: Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook, Ethnic, Deli, Pizza, and more. Keep visiting our website for information on new products!

Where Do You Get Meat?

Halal Choice meat comes from IFANCA and HACCP approved, hand slaughter sources.

Where Are Your Products Made?

Most of our products are made in Canada and the US. Some products are internationally imported like our Flat Breads.

How Can I Make An Inqiry?

You can make an inquiry by Contact Form 

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