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Originating from the Northern province of Punjab, one of the most fertile regions of the world, our authentic flatbreads are handcrafted, made with the finest grade of wheat; undergoing a meticulous, age-old process of cultivation.

Halal Choice is at the forefront of bringing the utmost quality of foods to the global market. We at Halal Choice believe that somethings should never change, and when it comes to traditional foods, quality ingredients and recipes that have been passed down generation to generation are a part of that; they exemplify our commitment to fusing a multitude of different cultures and ideas together in the hope that we can learn more from and about each other going forward.

Our fast paced lifestyles today often compromise the quality of foods and ingredients we consume. With Halal Choice we bring you wholesome, gourmet meals and tasty snacks without any of the hassle. The best of traditional flavors with the finest of ingredients, Halal Choice brings you the world's cuisine. From Italian pastas, to Asian wok specialties, to the flat breads of the subcontinent, we are entirely dedicated to bringing you, unique, delightful and authentic meals.


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The global Halal food industry was estimated at a US 1.1 trillion in 2013, with an annual growth of around 7%. More and more consumers are choosing to eat the halal way as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Originating in the 7th century, the Arab peninsula had poor dietary practices and lacked in-depth knowledge about foods, not to mention that sanitation was non existent at the time. With the rise of Islam, more regulated, improved dietary laws soon became a vital part of daily life. And following in this tradition, we at Halal Choice are wholefully committed to assuring that our foods are carefully prepared under these virtuous laws. Sanitation and hygiene are a key part of this process, which results in meat which is more resistant to bacteria. Apart from cleaner, healthier meat the Halal method is beneficial in the sense that it stands as one of the most humane processes for the animal- abiding by Islamic tenants when it comes to animal treatment- trying our utmost to assure that our meats are coming from facilities where the animals are treated as humanely as possible. Our meat and poultry is 100% certified Halal, giving a tender and juicy taste to our entrees and hors d’oeuvres. While a niche in the food market, this is becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming meats due to the many health benefits and we pride ourselves in bringing you a better, alternative, and healthier ways of eating.


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